International Due Diligence


The International Due Diligence Investigation Report verifies the corporations name through not only Dun & Bradstreet Business Reports, but also using International Business Sources of Information, the Registrar of Companies in the respective country of operations and local reports from a number of Associates around the globe.

Some of the areas of focus include verifications of the business location (with photographs and site visit if requested); Registration Verifications;  Business Affiliations and Associates;  Officers, Shareholders, Principals, Directors etc; Litigation Searches if permitted (similar to U.S. Judgments, Bankruptcy, Civil Suits & Tax Liens);  Assets; Banking Relationships;  Derogatory Media/Internet Searches; Domain Name Searches and checks of the various Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Watch Lists as well as Regulatory Checks as previously mentioned.


An International Due Diligence Investigation for an individual is based on internal research and through numerous associates located throughout the globe. CGS LLC principals have conducted due diligence investigations on individuals in over 100-different countries for the past 16-years. Many of our International Associates have prior law enforcement backgrounds, are Attorney’s/Solicitors, former Government employees etc and have excellent reputations with law enforcement and the business communities and operate within compliance with all domestic and international financial and regulatory agencies.

Additionally, these associates are members of many Professional Associations as is Clements Global Services LLC.

An International Due Diligence report for a non-US person includes:

  • Address Verification (if address is provided)
  • Cedula/Citizen Identification Number Verification
  • Property Ownership
  • Date of Birth Verification
  • Litigation Searches (similar to U.S. Judgments, Bankruptcies, Civil Suits & Liens)
  • Copies of Court Records
  • Assets
  • Criminal History Check (if permitted in a particular country with a signed Consent Form)
  • Anti-Money Laundering Lists
  • Terrorist Watch Lists
  • Business Affiliations
  • Derogatory Media & Internet Searches in Local Languages and English
  • Regulatory Checks with US and International Agencies (e.g. OFAC, FCPA, BIS, United Nations, Bank of England, UK FSA etc)

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